Summer’s coming!!! Here are a few tips from Lacey’s Coach Lewis to prepare…..

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Hey guys, So, Summer is all of a sudden starting to creep back up on us again, so I thought I’d give you all some help on getting one step closer to that summer bod. Don’t worry, I’m also in that “omg its nearly summer” boat.

1. Consistency / Nutrition

So, you’ve all probably heard coaches say consistency is key… and they are right! If you eat healthy for 1 day and look to see if you have your rockin’ bod, you’ll notice that you very much don’t. It’s about being consistent over a longer period with both training and nutrition. A few things to help:

  • Set what days you can make it to the gym and ensure you have no excuse not to go.
  • MEAL PREP! Everyone’s favourite things. If you have the meals ready and just need heating up, then you will be less likely to eat like crap!
  • Go shopping when you’re not hungry. I can guarantee that you have been to the shops when you’re hungry and come back with 3 packets of Tim tams, 4 bags of chips, 2 blocks and chocolate, a bag of Maltesers and those ANZC cookies from woolies. I know… we have all been there.

2. Weight Training

If anyone has ever met me in the gym, they know how much I love and preach strength training. DO NOT NEGLECT IT. Here are a few pointers/tips:

  • Are you one of those people that say (girls this is mainly for you) “Lewis I don’t want to get BIG from weight training, but I want to get toned”. Girls you don’t have testosterone, you won’t just bulk on muscle. Also, toning is muscle definition, no weight training… no toning. Simple as that.
  • Who doesn’t want to feel strong?! I can tell you right now, if you start doing weight sessions, everything in Laceys 47’s gets a hell of a lot easier (Kettlebells, dumbbells etc.) meaning you can push harder and burn more calories.
  • You WILL lose body fat! Weight training increases lean muscle… lean muscle increases metabolism… higher metabolism means burn more calories in a day… meaning body fat goes down. I say no more.
  • Reduce Risk of Injury. Unless you’re just clumsy and fall over everything then it won’t help you there.

3. Sleep/Recovery/Overtraining

Make sure you are getting QUALITY sleep, so your body can recover. Aim for 6-8 hours of quality sleep at night, try to relax before going to sleep whether that means reading, listening to music or doing some form of meditation (there are many apps on your phone to help with this). Your body needs to recover after these sessions, so you can continue training at a high intensity. Have you ever felt for some reason you can’t push in a session and you don’t know why but you have trained for 7 days back to back? Most likely your body is exhausted and needs to recover. Grab a coffee and go for a walk along the beach, your body will thank you for it. Lastly (this comes back to nutrition), make sure you are eating enough so you’re allowing your body to recover! If you’re on 1000cals a day smashing 5 sessions out a week you need to eat more to allow your body to fully recover. Again… your body will thank you for it.

Overall, be consistent, don’t neglect weight training and put emphasis on recovery. Once you have created a good habit of all these things. Your summer bod will be waiting.