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Sugar Detox Success!! – Coach Jack

Detox Oct 2018

I thought I’d share a few tips/ recommendations to help you get through the start of our sugar detox.
Yes, the first few days will be the hardest and unless you can lock yourself inside and avoid all temptations you will need some structure and planning!
This is coming from someone who would happily say that they are addicted to sugar.
1. First rule of no sugar, don’t talk about sugar.
The less you think about it the better. Pretty easy right?……
2. The 5 P’s
Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance.
Pretty straight forward. Be bloody organised. Have your daily meals and snacks ready every morning for the day ahead.
3. If you are one of those people that gets the luxury of training at 9 or 930, EAT BREAKFAST!!!!! For some reason there is a crazy amount of people that don’t eat breakfast. Breakfast is what fuels your body for the beginning of the day, you wouldn’t risk driving from Joondalup to the city on an empty tank in your car, why go train for 47 minutes on empty. The last thing we want is a person faint and have to get dragged out.
If you’re fortunate and get to train with me at 5am please have some thing prepped from the night before that you can line your stomach with. We don’t have a lot of carbs in these meals so you will feel hungry in the morning and glycogen stores will be low initially so EAT something. It’s the trainers duty of care to make sure you can get through the session harm free but if you get sick because you haven’t eaten I’ll be the first one to say “I told you so”.
4. Ask for help.
We’re not just pretty faces. We would rather do the research and give you guys correct and detailed information than for you to try find out what’s wrong, later self diagnosing yourself with some chronic illness.
5. Be responsible for your own actions.
We’ve learnt this since we were kids. Don’t blame old mate if you fall off the wagon and eat 3 blocks of cheese, drink whole barrel of red wine and consume enough Cadbury chocolate to feed America.
I don’t care if it’s your best mates, brothers, cousins, pet dogs wedding Stick to your plan.
6. Enjoy it, embrace it, get around it.
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Let people know about it. The more support you have from friends, family and co workers the easier it will be. If they are teasing you and tempting you, punch them. We train at Lacey’s and we know how to box! Nah don’t actually hurt anyone but you know what I mean.
Final thing, be nice to me in the mornings. I run a tight ship from waking up at 410am and opening the gym at 440am, some mornings I may not have had breakfast and I may be twitching from lack of sugar but I’ll always try and help you guys and keep you motivated. Just give the man a break you know.
In saying this, majority of the cravings and morning struggles should subside after a week or so. Once your body starts to adapt to the change you will feel a lot more energised, clear headed and healthier.