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Rory’s Road to 10k

Rory 10k

In the month of June we ran a gym v gym challenge,

Rory decided that he would chase the Joe Rogan challenge/goal of 10,000 Myzone effort points (MEPS) in 1 month. MEPS are achieved with each minute of training completed in certain heart rate (HR) zones. The scoring looks a bit like this

2 MEPS per minute for 60-69% of max HR
3 MEPS per minute for 70-79% of max HR
4 MEPS per minute for 80-89% of max HR
4 MEPS per minute for 90-100% of max HR

So with that in mind, how did Rory get to the illustrious 10k.

Here are some stats-
39 Moves (sessions) at 80% HR average = 6.6hrs of training per week
– Average was 385meps per day across the 26 training days for the month
– Biggest Day 678meps
– Averaged 6 days per week, aΒ rest day was crucial to recover and not burn out.

Below is a bit of a review of the month from Rory’s POV.

I started slow in June after big month in May of 8500ish MEPS.
I aimed for 250 MEPS per day to start then slowly crept up.
I had to Double up classes most days sometimes with extra running to top up. The key was I controlled effort aiming for low range yellow 80-82%
47’s and Bootcamp classes was where most of the work was done and kept moving while rest breaks were on to keep everything ticking over.
I found slowing down strength movements and lifting heavier worked best to challenge me and get the HR up rather than just banging out lower weighted reps and rushing through.

My food intake was pretty much reckless abandon πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I was on 2500ish cals per day but had to up that to 3000-3500 per day to have the necessary macros/nutrients/energy to recover and function properly.
Caffeine was a blessing and much needed!

All done around fulltime work, family life and a week in bali! Commitment and a half!

Now don’t be alarmed, yes it is a big task and required a lot of work and we wouldn’t recommend this for everyone, but this is coming from a multiple time IronMan competitor, many triathlons & marathons ran and a craving for hard work.
He was well and truly up for the challenge without any unknown major risks towards his body.