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Rorys’ Metabolic Madness

Rorys Metcon

I have trained with a strength focus, I have trained with long steady state endurance but never have I managed to cover both until now!

This will create a stronger, faster, fitter more functional version of

If you have ever been involved in one of my Bootcamp sessions then you will understand what I’m about to explain.

💧 Metabolic Conditioning and what is it? 💧

During a Metabolic conditioning session, you’ll perform a series of strength training exercises for a set number of reps, for a set number of minutes, with short rest! Your heart rate will stay elevated and your body will be given very little time to recover before being called on again.

In my bootcamp sessions I like to implement this style of training. It is great if you prefer training with some strength based movements
with some higher intensity intervals. It’s also a great training style if you want a little change up your steady state cardio sessions!

Utilizing this style of training will allow you to maintain and build your muscle mass while blasting fat and calories; just make sure
you’re cleared by your doctor before you begin a high-intensity

exercise routine because times get tough out on that gym floor. Metabolic conditioning is beneficial for many reasons and can be effective for a number of fitness goals!

👍 Add MY bootcamp to your workout routine! 👍

There is one rule with my Bootcamps: intensity

-You make the strength-training more intense by moving with intent and not resting.

-Walk into the gym ready to rip in!

-We will do full-body workouts instead of splitting muscle groups like some would do with typical strength training workouts.

-Lower reps are still on the menu, as this will cause muscle mass gain and anything higher will focus on muscular endurance.

-Session will include 8-12mins rounds, with 40 to 45 minutes total work time

-Do not rest in the middle of a set to allow your heart rate to come down. Keep moving! You’ll get rest once you finish the round!

-Perform exercise quickly and dynamically, but as always, good form is the key!

See you on the dance floor!!!