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Motivation. How we lose it and how to find it when we lose it – Coach Luke



How We Lose It And How To Find It When We Lose It.

With winter upon us, the mornings are getting colder, the sun showing less of its self, the easier we find excuses to stay in bed or head straight home to the warmth of our homes, after work. We all go through the list of excuses we create,” it’s too cold”, “it’s too dark”, “I don’t feel like it today”! We all know them, we all use them, we always find excuses too NOT show up. Why? Because it’s easy, that’s why. Do You know what’s the hardest part of exercising? Not the squats, not sit ups, not the dreaded burpee finisher…. it’s actually showing up when you don’t want to!!

Long work hours, family commitments, commuting, dealing with traffic, all these barriers we face daily and with exercise usually low on the priority list for many people, it becomes the first activity that’s usually sacrificed when we are tired and lacking motivation.

So how do we stay motivated? First let’s look at why we lose motivation.

I mentioned the word barriers previously. There are 2 types of barriers that can cause us to lose motivation. They are Internal and External Barriers.

Internal Barriers (Intrinsic) – can be psychological, emotional, sensory barriers coming from within ourselves. Eg. Depression, discomfort, boredom, avoidance.

External Barriers (Extrinsic) – can be physical, organizational, location, cultural barriers coming from external sources. Eg. Location of gym, traffic and commuting, weather.

These barriers, be it external or internal barriers, are placed to stop us from achieving what we set out to do. They are placed there by ourselves and our emotions (internal) or by someone/something else(external) that is out of our control, we must overcome these barriers. That’s the hard part, the rest is easy! it’s the fun part, it’s the reason why we show up!

How do we find the motivation? There are many strategies to find motivation and keep showing up.I will mention just a few for you.

  1. Set Goals. The most important. Have a reason why and something to aim for!
  2. Record Your Progress. Have a visual representation of how far have come and what you have achieved.
  3. Treat Yourself. Reward yourself for the effort you put in and the results you achieve.
  4. Be Inspired. Have a role model, watch training videos/clips, workout to your favorite music.
  5. Train With A Friend or Join Group Classes. Have that support during your workout and enjoy company and motivation of others
  6. Mixing up your training alleviates boredom.
  7. Avoid overtraining. Overtraining can lead to burnout and injuries

These are just a few tips you can use to get motivated. Remember, the hardest part of your session is showing up. Once you are there, and the music is on and the punches are flying , then everything else doesn’t matter! We forget the bad traffic, the long day at work or the annoying co-worker and we enjoy what we came to do.

The days you don’t want to show up but you do, are the days that count the most.