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lose weight + tone with Strength Training – Jye Welch



Passionate about fitness and sport from a young age. I graduated Murdoch Uni in 2016 with Sport and Health science and Movement science. I have Interned as a Strength Coach with the Western Force, Helix Sports performance and currently with the Perth Glory youth side as well as working as a personal trainer at Goodlife before coming to Lacey’s.

As one who has seen the benefits of strength training first hand in my own training and my clients I would love to continue to spread my knowledge and experience with everyone at Lacey’s.

First of all, adding strength training to your overall fitness program will not make you “too bulky” or put you at risk of injury.

When done with structure, correct technique and adherence. Strength training will help lose weight, ‘tone up’ and gain muscle (the obvious one). 

But how? 

When our body is at rest (roughly 20 hours per day) we are still burning calories. This is called our basal metabolic rate or metabolism. This number represents approx. 60-70 percent of our total daily energy expenditure. When we increase the amount of muscle on our frames we demand more energy (calories) in order to maintain bodily functions throughout the day. Therefore, burning more calories and creating a larger caloric deficit in order to lose fat. Provided our diet is up to scratch.

Furthermore, using out body the way it was built to move under load will teach us how to sequence muscles correctly in order to move safely and efficiency during boxing, fitness and everyday endeavors therefore decreasing chance of injury and even relieving existing aches and pains.

Aside from the facts, there’s no greater feeling lifting a weight of which you never thought your body was capable of. So give it a go. Personal training with myself or Pumping iron in the gym!