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Helix Body Scanner – Getting results! – Anna Brook

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Hey guys, so, the helix body scan is coming up TOMORROW, so I thought I would give you all some help on seeing the results you want to see on those scales, and in the mirror.

1. Consistency is key

You guys have probably heard all the trainers say consistency is key…and we’re not wrong!!!! A lot of people assume that if you eat healthy and train consistently for one day or one week then you’re going to get the body you desire straight away but here’s the catch, it’s all about consistency over time with both training and nutrition. There is no such thing as quick fixes like skinny teas, and weight loss tablets etc. If you are in the gym putting in the hard work with your training and nutrition, then just sit back and watch the results appear.

2. Training and recovery

If you’ve met me in the gym you would know that I strength train every day at the gym and would say do not neglect your strength! You will gain muscle with weight training which in turn increases metabolism and burns more calories. As an example for my own training, I train 4 strength training days a week and then 3 rest days in which I do conditioning in order for more body to recover from heavy lifting days.

3. Nutrition

Nutrition is definitely a massive component in changing your body composition. If you’re able to stick to your calories and monitor what you’re eating throughout the day you will be able to drop weight or gain weight in a healthy manor. For example I am currently on about 2600 calories a day and have been able to lose 6 kilos in 6 weeks due to eating A LOT of food to fuel my body for the amount of training I am doing! I am not cutting out carbs (because carbs aren’t the enemy guys) plus training well and getting the most out of it all!

Overall, be consistent with everything, your training, your nutrition and your lifestyle. Don’t neglect weight training and make sure you have sufficient recovery. Don’t worry about the body you it will come to you if you put in the effort! – Anna