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Benefits of Strength Training for Women

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1. Burns calories more efficiently
Resistance training should be added to your workout schedule. Long duration cardio can actually lead to muscle loss! By resistance training, you will¬† be able to burn more calories in a shorter time period due to larger muscle groups working through a greater range of motion. Due to a larger amount of muscle being used when you strength train, your body needs to work overtime trying to recover and rebuild therefore creating a longer duration of ‘calorie burn’

2. Builds muscle
Strength training can help you get a ‘toned’ body and by ‘toned’ I mean the building of lean muscle mass! by incorporating conditioning into your strength training you are able to attack multiple energy systems in the one session allowing for a more efficient session over all. Hitting that HR training as well as strength gains. When you build lean muscle mass, no matter what your body shape is, you will look strong and fit.

3. Makes daily tasks easier!
When you add strength training into your week you will notice a huge difference in the ease of daily functional tasks. When we train a full range of motion it strengthens the working joints and tendons that we use during daily movements! This will then make you stronger, create greater endurance therefore making simple tasks far easier!

4. Get curvy
This is one of the best benefits of strength training for women. Strength training can help you build lean muscle mass in the areas specifically trained. Whilst adding a proper nutritional plan you will be able to drop body fat and see the natural curves of your body appear!

5. Relieves Stress
In general, exercise has a positive effect on mental health. When you train your mind focuses on the immediate task at hand and when your mind is not thinking about work or home it will lower anxiety, alleviate depression and have a stress-relieving effect on the body. Over time when we start to see a positive body change this will help build self confidence and self esteem.