3 reasons WHY you should be stretching – Coach Luke

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3 reasons WHY you should be stretching……
Stretching is an extremely important component of everyone’s exercise regime. I often ask my clients if they have been doing their flexibility work. Usually, I get responses like “I don’t have time”, “I am meant to be” or “I find it boring”
Below are 3 reasons you NEED to be incorporating regular stretching into your training if you want to perform well and stay injury and pain free!
“Do you stretch?” “ Have you been doing your stretches?”- 2 questions I ask my PT and massage clients.
“oh I meant to”
“ I didn’t have time”
“ Its boring”
” I’ll do them next time”
or the one that annoys me the most……
“No,  I really need to stretch more though!”
That just says to me that you know should but you just couldn’t be bothered. Fair enough, then don’t complain that you are sore and injured ALL THE TIME!
Perform Better
While stretching is not the be all and end all for muscle recovery, BEING flexible definitely has hugeits benefits towards your overall physical performance. It will allow you to get Performing good in the gym helps you get the best out of your workouts and more importantly, keeps you in the gym more often allowing you to be more consistent with your training!. Remember: consistency is one of the most important factors in getting results.
Stretching and increasing your flexibility helps your joints through their full range of motion easily. Increasing your joints Range Of MotionBy increasing your bodies  improves your bodies ability to move more freelybetter, allowing muscles to will work more effectively resulting in, improveding physical performance.
Prevent Injury
Shortened or tight muscles can alter a joints movement, possibly which can leadingng to pain , injury and poor performance. If a boxer has poor movement range of motion through their upper body then the risk of injury to the main muscles used utilised for punching ( deltoids, rotator cuff and pectorals) becomes a lot higheris great. And is one of the reasons we see a high incidence of shoulder injuries in boxers. If these muscles are impinged or function poorly then other muscles are recruited compensate the poor movement. Increasing injury risk to the of secondary muscles and joints.
For example, if there is a lack of reach within the scapula, punching can force the spine to overextend and rotate, leading to middle and lower back pain and injury.
By including regular stretching into your regime you can drastically Ddecreasing this your risk of injury. It allows , and by correcting muscle imbalances,  through stretching and strengthening,  your body to becomes more able to withstand more stress, allowing you better workouts, more often!
Improve Posture
A boxers posture is very important to their performance. Boxwers require great core strength,  a strong base through their hips and good endurance through their upper body and neck. Having a goodbetter posture allows boxers to move more easily and to avoid and absorb powerful impacts to the head and body.
By Iimproving your flexibility you can improve your s posture .! Stretching realigns and lengthens tissue which reduces theing effort needed to maintain good posture. This can then also improve a boxers evasive skills allowing them to set themselves up to deliver more powerful punches and counters. hands up, chin down!!
This, ultimately , leads to  boxers evasive skills improving and being able to set themselves to deliver more powerful punches and counters.
If you want to perform better, prevent pain and injury, and improve your posture then start including stretching into your regular exercise routine. Arrive to class early and spend 10-15 minutes before hand working some mobility drills and stay for 5-10 minutes after to do some static stretching work. Invest some time into improving your flexibility not only to improve the quality of your workouts and get you lasting results, but to keep to pain and injury free!
So if you need to stretch, then stretch. Make time, get a friend to stretch with you or even  help after class!! I cant recommend partner stretching enough! Be safe with this though, work to your bodies capabilities, don’t worry your body will let you know what that is!! Invest a bit of time in improving your flexibility. Not only to improve the quality of your workouts but to keep you in the gym longer and more often. To steal a quote I saw the other day “
“It costs less to prevent than it does to repair!”
-Coach Luke